Angled Waves - MDF Decorative Panel - $14/sq.ft.

The Angled Waves MDF panel makes a great design feature that can enhance any room and work with any design style. It can be used on a wall, as a ceiling tile, or as part of cabinetry. We currently produce a range of decorative panels that you can choose from. New designs are always being added to the site. Contact us if there is a specific design you are looking to incorporate in your space. Send a drawing or photo with the size you need and we will let you know the feasibility and cost to reproduce it.
Ordering Multiple Doors

To order multiple identical doors, add one to your Cart and then change the quantity in your Cart. If you want to order many doors of the same style but with different measurements, you can click the Back button in your browser to return from your Cart to the product page. It will keep all the same settings as the first door you entered, so you can just edit the details as needed and then add to the Cart. Repeat the process until you have added all the panels you need to the Cart.

Manufacturing Process

After you place your order, you will receive an Order Review by email within 2 business days. This will list all the parts and include the sizes and quantities as well as a line drawing of the style you chose.  Once you approve the Order Review, we will begin production and it will take 10-14 days to have your doors ready to be shipped.


Shipping is charged as a percentage of your cart total and ranges from 18% for Central Canada, 20% for Eastern and Western Canada.  US orders are 30%.  Orders under $200 are charged at 24%.

Custom Orders

We build custom 5-piece wooden doors and design and manufacture custom 1-piece MDF doors. Contact us if you can't find one of our existing styles that fits your needs, and we can give you a quote for custom doors.

We currently manufacture a variety of styles of decorative panel doors. They can be an easy way to add a design feature to a bedroom, office, or any room in the house. Moreover, textured panels can also be incorporated into the decor of a retail store or restaurant. For that reason, interior designers love the flexibility our panels provide. Premium quality Plum Creek MDF is used for manufacturing our panels. Every panel is built on demand to your specifications. If you would like a sample, visit the Samples page to order one, or simply contact us for more information.