Varcroft & Bianco

Varcroft & Bianco has over 25 years of experience as a cabinet-making shop, including design, construction, and installation of custom kitchens, vanities, and wall units. Our shop is located in a former dairy barn in a beautiful rural setting. We know what it takes to deliver a great finished product on time and within budget, and we have invested in technology to further enhance production capabilities. We started Ready To Paint Cabinet Doors to make our manufacturing capabilities accessible to anyone.


We manufacture one-piece MDF doors that are made from premium quality materials. We also build wood veneer cabinet doors that can be grain-matched for your specific project. You can see the full range of kitchen cabinet doors by selecting a type in the navigation menu. Aside from doors, we offer other outsourcing services that utilize our CNC and laser machines.

Custom Cabinet Doors

We build custom 5-piece wooden doors, and design and develop custom one-piece MDF Doors. Contact Us if you can't find one of our existing styles that suits your needs. We work with MDF, maple, oak, ash, walnut, cherry, poplar, and many other species of wood.

how do we name our cabinet doors?

Our shop has hundreds of lakes within a 2-hour drive. With so many beautiful places close by, we decided to name our doors after them.

Technology Driven Manufacturing

We manufacture high quality MDF and Wood Veneer cabinet doors and panels. The technology in the shop includes a CanCam B3 5′ x 10′ router and a B3 4' x 8' router, as well as a CanCam Beam4 laser capable of cutting and etching on a 39″ x 63″ table. Materials we work with include plywood, baltic birch, melamine, MDF, natural wood, and acrylic, in any size. We can produce one-off items, including prototypes, or manufacture large runs of products. We work in Mozaik, Vectrix, AutoCad, Sketchup, LightBurn, and Illustrator. We can manage any digital files you may have.


Drawer insert designer

This easy-to-use proprietary 3D design tool connects you directly to the manufacturer. We have been building kitchens for over 25 years, and we use the same software that we use on our high-end custom kitchens to design and manufacture our drawer inserts. The system gives you access to truly customized one-off manufacturing for fitted drawer organizers laid out however you want them.

Custom Wooden Doors

We build made-to-order entry and interior doors, as well as screen doors, pre-hung in a jamb built to your exact requirements. Send us a description or a photo of how you want your door to look and we will get back to you. Visit our site,, to see a range of screen doors that you can customize and order online.