Video Tutorials

Finishing Your Cabinet Doors

Creating a great finish can be accomplished using a few basic techniques and the right materials. With MDF doors it's important to seal the edges so check out this video to find out more.

How To Measure Your doors

With a few simple steps you can accurately measure your doors and drawer fronts so it makes it easy to replace them with new ones. Download our Measuring Guide below to document the details.

Measuring for different hinges

For easy installation of the new doors it's best to use the existing hinge locations from your current doors. When you are ordering your doors you can specify Blum, Hettich or Salice hole patterns.

The Measuring guide

Use this form to record the measurements of the doors, drawer fronts and panels from your cabinetry. Its a great way to keep track of the details and makes it easy to enter in the sizes when ordering.