Now that you’ve given your kitchen a facelift, how about what’s inside those cabinets? The good news is you can make their contents look as lovely as their outsides by using custom drawer inserts, which you can design yourself with our Drawer Insert Designer.

Drawer Insert Designer

It’s very easy to use, and just like our Ready to Paint Cabinet Doors, orders are ready in 2 weeks. You can start with one of our templates and make adjustments to it, or create your own design from scratch. 

Begin by measuring the inside dimensions of your drawers. Subtract ⅛” from both the depth and width of these measurements, and use these numbers to set the width and depth of your drawer insert. Don't forget to adjust the height of the insert so that it will fit inside your drawer, as well.

Where to enter the dimensions.

Next, choose your material. Walnut or maple are best for kitchens, but we also offer cedar inserts for bedroom drawer organization.

Decide whether or not your insert needs a base. You can toggle “bottom required” on or off.

Bottom required toggle

For narrow sections that will hold things like cutlery, we recommend adding divider cutouts to make it easier to remove items. 

Image of drawer insert with divider cutouts.

We’ll soon be adding two exciting new features: spice racks and knife blocks. For now, if you'd like to incorporate either of these into your insert, send us an email and we'll be happy to help.

Our custom drawer inserts are premium quality, made of solid wood, and are an excellent way to put the finishing touches on your kitchen renovation or walk-in closet makeover.

For more information, how-to videos, and to try out the Drawer Insert Designer yourself, visit