You probably don't think much about the back of your cupboard doors, until you start shopping for new ones. They can be a key feature that adds to the style and functionality of your kitchen. We offer three great options for the backs of your new Ready to Paint cabinet doors. 
Plain MDF
This is the best option if you want a seamless look and plan to finish the backs of the doors with the same paint that you chose for the fronts. Our one-piece MDF doors are delivered sanded and ready to prime and paint, for easy DIY finishing.
White Melamine
If you prefer a crisp white interior for your cabinets, white melamine backs are the way to go. Plus, melamine is easy to clean: just wipe with a damp cloth. A white melamine back also makes the finishing process that much faster, as you'll only have to paint the front and the edges of your new doors. Thus, white melamine backs mean you'll be able to install your new doors faster and enjoy your updated kitchen design that much sooner. 
Pocketed Backs
A pocketed back on your new MDF cabinet doors will mimic the look of a traditional five-piece wooden door. For very large doors, pocketing has the added benefit of reducing the potential for cupping or warping.
Custom Details Make The Difference!
Choosing a style for the backs of your new MDF cabinet doors is one more way to customize your kitchen DIY makeover and create the kitchen of your dreams using Ready to Paint Cabinet Doors.