Random Grooves Textured Panel

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    Random Grooves textured panel  is an abstract design that can add a unique element to any space.  Textured or decorative MDF panels can be used on a wall, as a ceiling tile or as part of cabinetry. There are a range of standard textures and designs we produced that you can choose from. New designs are always being added to the site.  Contact us if there is a specific design you are looking to incorporate in your space.  Send a drawing or photo with the size you need and we will let you know the feasibility and cost to reproduce it.

    Random Grooves textured panel, Brick Pattern and Hand Chiseled  are some of the decorative panels we offer.  Can be an easy decorating idea that can add a design feature to a bedroom, office or really any room in the house.  Textured panels can also be incorporated into the decor of a retail store or restaurant. For that reason interior designers love the flexibility our panels have.

    Premium quality Plum Creek MDF is used for manufacturing our panels. Every panel is built on demand to your specifications.  If you would like a sample simply contact us with the style you want.