Corner Grooves MDF Panel

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    The Corner Grooves MDF panel can be a style of cabinet door that can add a unique feature to any cabinetry.  The one piece panel is great for painting as there is no chance of joints or panels that move therefore there are no cracks in the paint.  This can be a problem with glued up solid doors. The premium quality MDF paints to a perfect finish.

    Including the Corner Grooves MDF panel there are a variety of stock flat panel designs that you can view here.  We are adding more designs all the time.  Contact us if you are looking for a specific design in a panel.  Send us a drawing or photograph of the design and we can assess it.  From there we can let you know the feasibility and cost.

    Aside from cabinet doors,  designers can include these panels as a feature on a wall or even as a tile in a drop ceiling.  With the flexibility in size and style there are endless design possibilities for these panels.

    Premium quality Plum Creek MDF is used for manufacturing our panels. Every panel is built on demand to your specifications.  If you would like a sample simply contact us with the style you want.