Wood Doors

Wood cabinet doors can add a beautiful look to any cabinetry. Wood species such as walnut, maple and white oak can add natural feel to any space. They can be stained or finished with a clear coat in either a matte or satin finish.

Grain matching is available to allow a continuous grain to flow from door to door. You will need to upload a reference drawing so we can plan it out properly.

Wood grain can vary greatly from tree to tree. For instance, walnut veneer from one tree may not have much light grain where as the veneer from another tree may be filled with light grain. We do our best to use a consistent grain for each project but it is a natural product and there can be some variation. We can send you a photo of the veneer we are using before we produce your parts.

We stock a range of standard veneers but we are able to source veneer from most species of tree.

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Showing all 6 results