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When ordering cabinet doors we can usually manufacture your order within a week of the order being placed.  Delivery time varies depending on your location from our shop but will range from 1-7 days.

We deliver anywhere within a 150KM radius of Peterborough on a weekly basis but can also ship our products globally using Manatoulin Transport.

The parts are wrapped in cardboard and banded together in manageable bundles.

A one piece door is made from MDF and all the details are routed out of one panel.  The advantage to this is there is never a chance of cracking.

A 2 piece door is typically made from MDF and has a single solid outer piece instead of the 4 separate pieces and then a centre panel.  The advantage of this is less cracking when painted and it gives the option of more elaborate tooling then a one piece door.

A 5 piece door is a traditional wood kitchen cabinet door with 2 rails, 2 stiles and a centre panel.  These are typically made from solid wood.  The disadvantage of this style of door would be that when painted it can tend to show cracks over time.

On a traditional 5 piece door, the rails are the top and bottom pieces of the door and the stiles are the side pieces.

Grain matching is a technique used when finishing a kitchen with flat panel wood veneer doors.  The grain will match from cabinet to cabinet. To do this, you will have to upload a reference picture so we can see the elevation views of the cabinets to know how to match up the various doors and drawer faces.

Yes,  you can define the lengths of the sides in the ordering module and choose if you want a shaker style door or flat panel.

With a one piece door, pocketing the back reduces the chance of the door warping.

Our doors are ready to be finished with a paint of your choice.  We recommend sealing any areas that have been pocketed out.

Just in case we missed anything when we sand your product, Its best to go over the doors with a 400 grit sanding block before finishing.

We drill a 35mm hole with pilot holes for the fasteners and they are 4″ from the top and bottom of the doors.  If a door is over 40″ we recommend a third hinge in the centre. Over 65″ and a fourth hinge is required and over 90″ a fifth hinge is used to ensure smooth operation.

We drill for Blum hinges but there are many other quality hinge manufacturers on the market that use the same hole patterns.

We use Plum Creek MDF which is a premium super refined MDF that mills and finishes better then most MDFs on the market.

Standard species include maple, white oak, birch, walnut, ash and pine. We have access to many other wood veneers such as wenge, hickory, alder and most other species.  Contact us if you have something specific you are looking for.

Yes, we can supply your doors with a white back, a flat back or a recessed pocket.

All types and thicknesses of Plywood, MDF, and Acrylic as well as Formica Solid Surface.

Using a tape measure, measure the width of the door and the height of the door. It can be a good idea to create a quick sketch of the kitchen and number each door/drawer front and work through each one and write down the measurements.

Our site can handle either Imperial or Metric so use whatever you are more comfortable with.

After entering the information for the fist door and adding it to the cart, simply change the length and width variables and quantity and add the next one to the order.

Click on My Account in the top right and follow the links.

If you are interested in ordering cabinet doors you can easily get a sample by contacting us and letting us know what sample you need.  The only charge will be the cost of shipping.  It’s always free to pick up at our shop.

Before your order goes into production we will send you an Order Review which allows you to double check the quantities and sizes of the doors you ordered.

We use Stripe as our payment processor.  You can use Visa, Mastercard or Debit when ordering cabinet doors.

We see you as a partner, not a customer, and we can help with parts of your production that is win-win for both of us. We have over 20 years experience as a cabinet making shop. We have the technology and expertise to support parts of your manufacturing process.

Labour, shop space and equipment investment are places where you will save money.  Manufacturing MDF doors requires at least one CNC programmer/operator as well space for a CNC machine and the equipment itself.

We build them on an as needed basis to maximize the potential of each individual location. Once we start the resellers relationship, we will supply your store with a display that suits your store and marketing efforts.

When you are ordering cabinet doors you are able to log in on the My Account page and place the order from there to get the appropriate pricing agreement.  When looking at the website with your customer, they will only see the retail price.

Our goal is to have the order produced and ready for shipping within 7 days.  We have weekly deliveries within a 150km radius of Peterborough.  Everything will be shipped with Manatoulin Transport.  You can also pick it up at our shop.

Once we have established the supplier/reseller relationship the payment terms are 30 days.

Cabinet makers, kitchen refinishers, interior designers , do-it-yourself homeowners and kitchen renovators all use our product for various projects.

We take pride in the quality of our product and want you to be happy you are using it.  If for some reason the product is not manufactured with our normal expected quality level, send it back to us and we will replace it.

Check over your products within 3 days of them being delivered and inform us of any damages at that time.  Simply take a photo of the problem and send it to us and we will find a solution to resolve the issue.